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Hawaii International Shrimp Farm, Maui

Down Payment -- $250,000 -- Offering Price: $1,500,000 -- Cash Flow: $250,000.

The present Owner started with an acorn, and now have a beautiful oak tree said differently, he is undercapitalized but still he s earning between $250,000 to $300,000 annually. He said he s developed this business to the point that he can turn it over to a buyer with money, development skills and marketing ability so that the net profit yield will be calculated in millions of net profit dollars annually. It is poised for the Big Time. Roughly one third of the global shrimp harvest (from capture and culture) is traded internationally - about 900,000 tons. That s less than one percent of global fisheries production by weight, yet shrimp is the single most valuable seafood product that enters into world trade today. Worth about seven billion dollars a year, shrimp traded internationally contributes about 18 percent of the value of all global fisheries exports which are valued at about 40 billion dollars a year. The value of shrimp imports into the United States in 1995, for instance (valued at $2.7 billion), accounted for 40 percent of the value of America s total edible seafood imports. And although farmed shrimp represents about one-quarter of all shrimp harvested each year, it constitutes nearly half of all shrimp traded internationally. Over 90 percent of all shrimp traded on the international market is consumed by just a few importing countries - Japan, the United States and countries comprising the European Union (EU). Japan and the U.S. are the major consumers of farmed tropical shrimp. While European consumers still prefer coldwater species harvested from the wild they are warming to tropical, farm reared shrimp varieties. Due to the confidential nature of this listing, a signed Confidentiality Agreement is necessary in order to disclose additional information.

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