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NBFC License for Sale

A India based NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company) registered with Reserve Bank of India as a Non-Deposit Accepting (Category-A) company is available for acquisition. The NBFC also has a forex Licence.
The company is eligible to deal with all stock exchanges in India, underwriting, to act as agents and sub-brokers, hold and deal in stocks, shares and securities of all kinds. It can also act as merchant bankers and act as managers to issues and offers, whether by way of public offer or otherwise, of shares, stocks, debentures, etc.
Furthermore, it can act as agents, consultants, advisors and counsellors in investment and capital markets.
The company is up to date on compliances with all reporting requirements of the ROC, TDS, FBT, other State and Central Taxation authorities and Reserve Bank of India, with no tax obligations, whatsoever.
In a recent transaction Goldman Sachs bought a NBFC in India headquartered in Mumbai. This is expected to mark Goldman Sachs entry into the corporate lending business in India, according to a news report. Goldman Sachs will invest Rs 200 crore into the firm routed through its Mauritius arm. The company plans to invest $7.5 million upfront and the balance $42.5 million in the next 24 months or so.
This is in line with the minimum capitalisation norms for fund based NBFCs where FDI is between 75 per cent and 100 per cent which requires capitalisation of $50 million within two years of such significant foreign investment out of which $7.5 million has to be brought in upfront.
Like many other foreign financial giants who are not easily getting NBFC licences are taking an indirect route to acquire one, by buying out some existing NBFC license holder, ideally some entity which is not operational or is a bit player.

We're sorry, this listing has been canceled.
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如何把你的公司公开 纳斯达克场外交易 打电话给我 我们有更多的创造性的方法比下面列出的。 莱尼

如何把你的公司公开 纳斯达克场外交易 打电话给我 我们有更多的创造性的方法比下面列出的。 去公共通过反向并购,经常与管道或首次公开发行(在一个公共实体私人投资)是一个具有里程碑意义的事件。步骤一间公司及其管理团队拿地的上市壳的合并做准备将会对管道提供或IPO过程中筹集资金的成功显著的影响,而之后市场对公司的股票。我们的第一个建议,因此要尽可能早地在你的规划过程中考虑此点。请注意,市场对IPO一般限于规模最大,历史最悠久的私人公司;因此,小于亿美元最耻骨发售的私募管道产品与反向收购结合进行。   比较三种方法去公开 传统的承销 时间:6至12个月 费用:$ 350,000到$ 1,000,000。 (该公司将从口袋里掏出这个数额之前完成至少50%。) 首都:通常引发比其他类型的交易更多的资本。 问题:包销可能会延迟或取消。发行价格可能受到市况或承销商进行更改。 反向兼并或购买一个现有的“上市壳” 时间:2个星期至60天 费用:$...

기업 공개를 설정하는 방법 나스닥 OTC 전화 해 우리는 아래에 나열된 것보다 더 창조

기업 공개를 설정하는 방법 나스닥 OTC 전화 해 우리는 아래에 나열된 것보다 더 창조적 인 접근 방식이있다. 역 합병을 통해 상장하기 위해 종종 파이프 나 공모 (공공 기관에서 민간 투자)와 함께 획기적인 이벤트가 있습니다. 공공 쉘 합병을 준비하는 기업과 경영진 포획의 단계에 큰 영향은 자본 또는 성공적인 IPO 프로세스를 높이기 위해 파이프 라인을 제공하지만, 할 회사의 주식에 대한 시장의 후. 우리의 첫 번째 제안은, 그래서 가능한 한 빨리 계획 과정에서이 점을 고려해야합니다. IPO 시장은 일반적으로 가장 오래된 최대 규모의 민간 기업에 한정된다는 점에 유의하시기 바랍니다; 따라서, 파이프...

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