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175 Machine Vending Route

173 4n1 bulk carousels & 2 full size drink machines.A few machines are not on location as of present. Route 1yr 1/2 old. Included: $4000 of candy-173 slightly used machines with all the parts, extra canisters, and 2 coin tubes per machine-173 Children"s Cancer Society Stickers paid up for one year-2 Full size drink machines-50 delivered relocates to be used at the vendors discretion with no time limit on when to use them-Complete Route training-Unlimited General Consulting-Hands on local training on how to procure new locations yourself-Step by step consulting on how to maximize the route's profits. The machines are designed to last 10yrs. It grosses about $21k a year now. Some TLC, my help and National Placements & Consulting's team, we can easily double that. This route has not been groomed the way it should.1 person needed.A detailed earnings report is available. We have the earnings since day one. The cost for you to start a route from scratch: Vendesign Carousel is the Mercedes machine of the bulk vending business. New, they cost $300 approx. I always encourage the people I consult with to go to a particluar used vending website and purchase used machines. You get the same results at a fraction of the cost. Right now you can find this machine between $100 and $150. The higher the price the more accessories you will get with the machine. This is plus shipping. Lets take a medium price of $125 plus $15 shipping = $150 per machine. Now add $55 per machine to hire a locating service. Another $12 for charity sticker. Add $23 in candy for each machine. I wont even mention the time and gas to deliver your machines. That's $240 per machine to establish a new vending route! The route we are trying to sell has an annual gross of $21,000 already! Our price on this route, with all the above inclusions, is only $44,995 TURNKEY! That's $260 per machine and 2 of those machines are full size drink machines, with bill validators, worth $1200. Records are available to serious buyers only.

We're sorry, this listing has been canceled.
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